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RPR Public Relations, Inc. is different. Our PR and marketing firm’s focus is on your ROI and providing you with exceptional customer service and stellar results. Since 2003, our PR firm’s experienced publicists have provided outstanding brand management, public relations and marketing services to entrepreneurs, startups and small-to-medium sized businesses located throughout the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Russia and Asia. This includes companies involved in the technology, consumer product goods, B2B and B2C services, healthcare and financial industries. We take our clients seriously – listen when you talk – and strive to exceed your goals and expectations.

Services we provide include:

  • • Public Relations
  • • New Product Introductions
  • • Crowdfunding PR
  • • Brand Management
  • • Brand Consulting
  • • Startup Development
  • • Media Relations
  • • Press Releases
  • • Marketing Communications
  • • Branding Campaigns
  • • Social Media Marketing
  • • Local and Regional Publicity
  • • National Publicity
  • • International Publicity

as a team


RPR Public Relations, Inc. is a boutique Public Relations and Marketing firm. Most of our staff have been with us for more than 10 years and have one thing in common – they were carefully chosen and are the absolute best at what they do. Together we have worked for all types of clients and on every type of PR and marketing project imaginable. You will not find legions of PR interns or junior account executives here. We believe in hiring the best people – highly trained, seasoned professionals – and keeping them. This mirrors our philosophy we have with our clients – we’re long-term relationship people.

As a result, our PR and Marketing firm is highly effective and nimble. We provide big agency results without the big agency price tag. Best of all, we think you’ll like our responsive, first-class customer service we provide to each and every client – whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, start up, small-to-medium sized business or an Enterprise-level corporation. Our clients are located throughout the U.S. – and from around the world – different time zones don’t scare us. Want to reach us after hours or on the weekend? No problem. We strive for 24/7/365 service – and there aren’t many PR and Marketing firms who can say that.


Joe Romano


Joe drives client strategy and execution of Marketing, Corporate/Internal/External/Crisis Communications, Public Relations and IR programs which deliver competitive advantage and business growth for companies located around the world. His unparalleled business and product marketing background enables him to work comprehensively in-house with R&D, senior management and staff to identify and target new markets and customers, while building and executing Marketing and Communications programs to support their business goals. He provides counsel to CEOs, raising more than $500 million for clients in funding and facilitated more than $300 million M&A exits. He covers due diligence; liquidating stock; benefits and valuations of IPOs; building client base and executing a sales plan; research and development; how to attract capital and add value; intellectual property; market caps; acquisitions; and how publicity affects valuations. He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and has a Master of Science in Marketing and Public Relations from Boston University.

Marion Louise Ivers

Director – Life Sciences

Marion has a unique background as a registered nurse with a PR and Marketing background. She specializes in assisting with launching RPR’s life sciences, healthcare and select tech clients and brings more than 20 years of experience to the table from various in-house marketing positions at healthcare companies located throughout New England. She is a graduate of the University of Vermont.

Ria Romano

Managing Partner

More than a decade ago, Ria had a vision. That vision was to build a better PR and Marketing firm that would expressly serve entrepreneurs, start ups and small businesses. In 2003 she founded RPR with the goal of providing exemplary customer service with an eye on ROI. As a result, Ria is the point of contact for most clients and specializes in assisting with new product launches. Her industry expertise includes tech, consumer goods and services, healthcare and B2B. She started her career with Fidelity Investments’ in-house ad agency before transitioning to publishing positions with CPS Communications and HCI Communications, Inc. She also is a former Editor of leading trade publications for the pharmaceutical industry, including Medical Marketing & Media Magazine, and the former Editor-in-Chief of Counselor, The Magazine for Addiction Professionals. Before founding RPR, she held the position of Director of Public Relations for the largest privately held PR firm in the Southeast. She holds a BA/MA from Boston University and an MBA in Strategy/International Business from the University of Miami.

Jackie Rockefeller

Managing Director

Jackie has more than four decades of experience working in executive PR and Marketing positions for Fortune 500 companies and successful small-to-medium size businesses. Her expertise especially benefits our start up and small business clients seeking strategic brand management and brand consulting. She also enjoys writing press releases for many of our clients – and you won’t find someone of Jackie’s caliber writing your press release at other PR firms. A graduate of Bryn Mawr College, she received her M.A. from the University of California, Berkeley.

Adrianna Gambino

Director – Technology Clients

A specialist in launching established and start up tech companies, Adrianna has outstanding personal media contacts. When it comes to servicing tech clients, she has a diversified background in social networks, mobile, apps, software and more – both B2B and B2C. Prior to joining RPR, she worked as a publicist for some of the top PR agencies in New York City. She is a graduate of Yale and holds an MBA from the University of Miami.

Akiko Tanaka

Director – International Media Relations

Originally from Japan, Akiko assists clients with their global brand expansion and international media relations as well as global PR campaigns. She speaks four languages fluently and is a former reporter turned Editor with the Yomiuri Shimbun – one of the largest newspapers in the world. Akiko was previously with a PR firm in New York City responsible for managing clients in Asia and the Middle East. She is a graduate of the University of Oxford.


press-releaseGood news! Google loves press releases again! A small change in Google’s algorithm recently now will allow your company’s own press releases to appear atop online searches. This is not to say your company should start issuing fluffy press releases – you have to keep them newsworthy – that is mandatory.

Let RPR write and distribute your professional press release that will get you in the media, eyeballs and traffic on your website and boost your results on search engines. Few PR firms have the experience RPR does in writing captivating press releases which get results – and not just in the United States. We’ve handled press releases for companies located around the world and distributed them in more than 30 countries in native languages.

RPR’s press releases are optimized and include hyperlinks to your site – as well as up to 10 photos and a video. It’s one of the best ways to interact with your audience and it is a great succinct way to communicate your news to the media. Short and sweet is best.

Our press releases provide the most vivid multimedia experience for all readers of your press release – and we offer one of the broadest distribution packages to get your news in front of top blogs, news sites, major national online media outlets and even the Associated Press.

Your interactive, web-optimized press release writing and distribution package from RPR includes:

  • • The ability to embed images which show your business, products, services, etc.
  • • The ability to add a YouTube or Vimeo short video to enhance your press release.
  • • A personalized RSS feed within your release so customers and media professionals can subscribe to all your latest news and future press releases.
  • • Distribution to major search engines – Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.
  • • Distribution to major online news websites.
  • • Distribution to premium news outlets such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and USA Today through the Associated Press.
  • • Distribution to more than 250,000 news subscribers as well as more than 30,000+ journalists and bloggers.
  • • Choose 10 key industries you’d like to target (great for B2B press releases).
  • • Choose 5 regions, states or cities you’d especially like to reach in the United States.
  • • Multiple links to your website within the release (no more than 1 hyperlink per 125 words).
  • • Multiple photo or file attachments – show everyone your news in full color photos as well as video.
  • • A “Share This” feature makes it easy for your press release’s readers to send your news to other through blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and many more social media options. After all – the goal of a good press release is to spread the news and virally is a great PR tactic.
  • • Custom URLs allow RPR to enhance your press release’s targeting and branding opportunities.
  • • All domestic U.S. press releases from RPR include a full stat report in PDF format of performance. This easy-to-read document lets you know your ROI at a glance.
  • • Want to reach a global or international audience with your press release – or just one or two countries in particular? No problem. Just let us know your exact needs and we can give you a price. As an added perk, full professional translation into a county or region’s native language is included in all pricing – there is never a hidden cost or add-on charge.


What exactly is a brand consultant?

Marketing and advertising are a part of branding. As your brand consultant, RPR can assist your company with building your brand.

Branding is strategic while advertising and public relations are tactical. As your brand consultant, RPR will develop a “brand plan” or a blueprint that will serve as your brand’s strategy. We will address all key elements of your brand in the minutest detail – from the copy used, color schemes, customer service, retention strategies and more. We will examine and outline your brand internally within your company – and externally as seen by your potential and existing customers.

As your brand consultant, RPR will conduct an audit of your brand – including your company, industry and much more. This series of activities will allow us to have all the materials necessary to set the “foundation” for your brand plan by having the most up-to-date information. A brand consultant is concerned with the “science” of moving your brand forward – and as such – we rely on data.

In building your brand plan, RPR will request the involvement of company founders or C-Level executives. This will allow us to move forward quickly and make branding decisions which affect the entire brand and company or organization.

As your brand consultant, RPR has an eye on ROI. It is our goal to increase your company’s profitability and strengthen new and existing customer relationships. We are developing the overall strategy to acquire and retain your customers and the series of tactical initiatives, while important, are secondary to the brand strategy.

RPR’s focus as your brand consultant is on reducing wasteful spending and analyzing how marketing, advertising and PR spends will increase business. It’s all about the bottom line. We will ensure your marketing budget is spent on the right tactics which support the overall brand strategies. Most importantly, as your brand consultant, RPR will not try to duplicate what your competition is doing, but rather create a unique brand position that stands alone and evolves on its own achieving success. You should never allow your competitor’s activities to define your brand’s strategy – it is always best to be the leader not the follower. We’ll help you take the helm.

Want to get a head start on branding? Here are some ideas to think about:

  • • It’s good design that fuels the best advertising – not marketing.
  • • Listen to your customers – chances are they are more than eager to tell you what’s great – or not – about your brand. Open your ears.
  • • It’s all about the keyword – integration. Design, delivery and communication all work together to create the world’s most successful brands.
  • • Make sure the message you convey about your brand – both internally at your company and externally to your customers – accurately reflects your mission. There is no room for disconnect on the path to success.
  • • You are dealing with people – usually a lot of people. So keep it simple and keep it social. People like to work for and do business with brands they like. Keep your brand open, honest and transparent.

Public-Relations-TacticsWhether you’re looking for your brand’s next bright idea, want to see the forest beyond the trees, or need a bird’s eye view of a consumer’s perception – it’s important to have a basic understanding of how to create a PR strategy.

In public relations, we’ll work with you to develop a PR plan that outlines your objectives and goals – or what you want to accomplish through PR for your business within a set amount of time. For example, getting in 15 major newsstand magazines in three months is a PR objective. In order to do this, RPR will devise methods which will become your PR strategies. The specific actions which make up your PR Strategy are called Public Relations Tactics.

Public Relations Tactics are as varied as the clients we serve. They can range from creating an event to draw attention to a cause, company or organization, or product – to publicity stunts, engaging social media, providing special offers and product samples, media placements and much more. Best of all, PR tactics don’t have to cost a lot of money – there are tactics to fit every budget. If a Public Relations Tactic isn’t working – unlike purchased advertising – it is easy to pivot and move on to the next tactic. PR is fluid. Creating marketing collateral materials that are professional, creative and eye-catching for print, online and broadcast are also PR tactics.

RPR works with many different marketing tactics based on the exact needs of each client. Here are just a few Public Relations Tactics which have worked well for clients – or are no longer being used:

  • Press Releases are alive and well – and Google loves them again! A small change in Google’s algorithm recently will now allow your company’s own news releases to appear atop online searches. Be sure to place your press releases on your company’s News Room first.
  • Mass e-mailing a press release hasn’t worked since the early 2000s. If you want great coverage, let RPR contact select media professionals at the outlets which will move the dial on your brand the most. We’ll send a personalized, short email to the media professional explaining the uniqueness of your news and why they should cover it and how their readers or viewers will find it interesting. RPR has outstanding personal media contacts – let us show you how targeted PR works.
  • A succinct multi-media email that isn’t bulky that provides your news in a digital format is best for busy editors, producers and reporters. Gone are the days CEOs did media tours with deskside reporter visits. In the age of Skype, FaceTime and Google Hangout – if multiple reporters want face time with you and your brand, you can easily accomplish this in just a few days with no travel time. Always remember – the media are very busy people. Dog and pony shows in media offices are from a bygone era.
  • When it comes to gifting top social media influencers have replaced the idea of only gifting A-list celebrities. Their huge social media followings on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and more – will move the dial on your brand much better than an A-lister.
  • Press Conferences should be reserved solely for when a client’s news impacts a huge mass national or global audience. Otherwise it is a waste of time and money and will tarnish your company’s reputation with the media.
  • Invest in a professional photographer! So many brands – whether B2B or B2C – think they can shoot their own products with their mobile phone. Our society as a whole is extremely visual. Your publicist is securing valuable space in print or digital media – and it is 100% guaranteed if you present the editor or reporter with fuzzy, dim, poorly lit images – you will not secure the PR placement. A professional photographer is worth the money to make your products shine – and it will make your PR campaign flow much more smoothly with better results. Fabulous professional photos of your products, people or services are an absolute must before you launch your PR campaign.

sml-businessOften times small businesses do not require an advertising agency or marketing company that offers large scale (read: expensive) strategic solutions. Since 2003, RPR has specialized in providing sound marketing advice and marketing tips for hundreds of small businesses in a variety of industry sectors – both business-to-business and business-to-consumer. There are many advertising agencies, branding companies, PR & marketing firms to choose from – but only RPR has been called by its clients “The Champion of Small Businesses”.

RPR’s mission is to provide your small business with affordable creative marketing, PR and advertising services. But we’re not looking to be your one-hit wonder – we’re long-term relationship people. We want to become your go-to partner for all your small business marketing needs and help you not only survive – but thrive. We care about nurturing your business as much as you do – and nothing thrills us more than seeing our small business clients blossom and go public, expand into multiple states, open new office overseas, or be acquired for a sizeable amount.

RPR will act as your advisor and we can guide you – with your input as we become a team – through the maze of affordable advertising methods available to you. Or maybe you need a blended approach of public relations, marketing or something else. At RPR, we don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions. Let’s start a conversation and let us know how we can help your small business grow.

Here are just some of the business marketing services we offer:

• Name Development
• Brand Development
• Tagline Development
• Positioning Statement
• Mission Statement
• Unique Selling Position
• Marketing Plans
• Social Media Advice
• Competitor Research & Analysis
• Website Design
• Website Banners
• Email Marketing Campaigns
• Site Maps
• Website Programming
• Website Optimization
• Twitter Page Designs
• Facebook Page Designs
• Pinterest Page Designs
• Blog Page Designs
• Landing Pages
• Logo Design
• Folders & Press Kits
• Brochure Design
• Postcard Design
• Print Ad Design
• Digital Ad Design
• Sales Sheet Design
• Poster Design
• Catalog Design
• Magazines/Newsletters
• Trade Show Signage
• Billboards

Top-Advertising-AgencyWe believe in providing the same results you would get at a top advertising agency, but at a small fraction of the cost with better customer service. When you walk through the doors at most top advertising agencies in the world, the opening conversation centers around money. RPR is different.

When you start a conversation with us about your advertising needs, we listen to your initial ideas and absorb the essence of the passion that drives your business and brand. After all, our advertising concepts will have a substantial impact on people, markets and the future of your brand. We want to get the chance to know you and that allows us to best position your brand. Our goal is to provide great storytelling through the particular channels which are right for you and your brand, in order to create a rich new brand experience that connects your company and product to new and existing customers. We build loyalty experiences for each brand we work with on a daily basis.

The best strategies begin with a defined business goal and are driven by truth. RPR’s strategic thinking has evolved through a deep respect for fusing quantitative and qualitative knowledge.

For more than a decade, RPR has worked to develop advertising concepts for numerous brands in more than 30 different countries worldwide. Our process enables us to evaluate and diagnose your brand’s equity, loyalty and imagery dimensions and from that provide solutions in the form of a strategic framework that will allow you to achieve unprecedented success in your marketplace.

If you’re tired of dealing with agencies with the big ego or those who won’t give you the attention you deserve because you aren’t one of their top paying clients – call us. At RPR it isn’t about us – we focus on you. We want to help you be found among the noise of products and services all clamoring for a consumer’s attention. We want to be your partner to help you achieve your business goals and skyrocket your brand through novel advertising concepts. Let’s get creative together.

So what do we offer exactly? When it comes to reaching your target market, we’re immersed in every medium – print, online and broadcast. We’ll work with you to determine the best way to reach your target audience and then develop effective creative campaigns which work. We also believe in the mantra “test, test, test”.

You may love our concepts and we may love our concepts, but before we launch an ad campaign of any size, we have proprietary methods to cost-effectively (and scientifically) test ad concepts in real-life marketplaces to obtain potential customer feedback. Our test markets range in size from 400 people to literally thousands. After all, launching a new ad campaign is a lot like a first date – you don’t want to show up for dinner with spinach on your teeth.

Just a few of the services we offer include:

  • • Strategic Advertising Campaigns
  • • Research & Strategy
  • • Current Market Evaluation
  • • Advertising Creative Strategies
  • • Creative Design – logos, print and digital advertisements
  • • Branding
  • • Interactive
  • • Broadcast
  • • Media


  • Susanna Potter – CEO and Founder,

    I struck gold when I hired RPR Public Relations to launch my new consumer product. From day one they have gone above and beyond what was asked of them. In a short time, RPR has successfully launched my product faster than I ever could have imagined. As a project manager, Ria has great communication skills, is extremely creative and fun to work with. I would not consider using any other PR agency except RPR Public Relations for my future PR & Marketing projects.
  • Nicholas Yevglevski,

    I had a very successful working experience with RPR for over 5 years. In my professional opinion, Ria and her team comprise one of the best tech PR agencies in the industry. The level of creativity that they apply individually for each individual client is so impressive that as a result her client's businesses have grown tremendously. I would strongly recommend RPR Public Relations as a single source for all of your tech or software PR needs.
  • Peter Mann – Founder and CEO,

    I have worked with Ria and her team for the past several years and she has done a great job in supporting our company’s PR needs. Her insights and recommendations have been very valuable in growing our brand as well as in expanding our social media presence. I really appreciate her honest and timely feedback and look forward to continuing to work with RPR as our company grows.
  • Robert Kennedy – President and Founder,

    We have worked with RPR Public Relations for a number of years. They are very professional, creative and knowledgeable. I highly recommend their PR & Marketing services.
  • Christmas Miller -book author

    I highly recommend RPR for any work you need in PR & Marketing. Not only were theyverythorough (which is hard to find with any business and company nowadays) –they were up-to-speed on their knowledge of the industry. This is what you NEED in this line of work.
  • Marcus Tettmar – CEO,

    Very responsive - worked fast and delivered polished, professional results. Very knowledgeable and provided a great deal of advice over and above what was asked for. Will work with RPR again.
  • Rory Groves – CEO and Founder SWIFT

    Since I began working with RPR, I have had incredible results. My products have been featured in 5 newsstand magazines in the past few months, and dozens of online sites. In one case, I received a 3-page review and special mention on the magazine's front cover. None of this would have been possible without RPR - and Ria's - help and expertise. My sales are up considerably and RPR's services are very affordable. Additionally, Ria has been excellent in providing advice in an on-going basis. She is very quick to reply to my marketing questions and I can always trust her answers. I trust her highly, intend to continue working with her, and would recommend her team to anyone who needs PR or Marketing help.
  • Blair Cohen – CEO,

    Great results and super-fast turnaround.Ria and her team are highly recommended experts in their field.
  • Ryan Rogers – CEO, Wapifi

    I hope I don't have a competitor that hires this PR firm. RPR utilized multiple techniques to get an in-depth understanding of my technology business, products and services and business goals. There was nothing cookie cutter about their approach. The PR services we received reflected every bit of effort RPR put into understanding our goals. Once again RPR came through strong.
  • Michelle Pearl – CEO,

    The best, the best, the BEST! I had an immediate need for public relations help to launch my new product. RPR was on it instantly. Within DAYS I had a professional press release distributed, a newspaper and a magazine print an article on our product, an interview with the editor of the top trade magazine for my industry, and several additional picture and story requests from top trade magazines, as well. I absolutely could not have asked for better service.
  • Jane Goodrich –

    I love working with Ria and her team. She provides great insight and knowledge in an area that I am not that familiar with. She likes to think of short term results (sales!) as well as long term goals - which I definitely appreciate. I have loved the ideas that she brings to us as well as the smooth implementation of it. I would definitely recommend her and RPR Public Relations to anyone looking for a great PR firm!
  • Melody Davidson – Designer at Interiors by Melody

    My firm hired RPR to help us promote a new product that had virtually no awareness in the marketplace. Within a couple months’ time, Ria and her team had gotten articles written in publications across the country. These articles were picked up by other newspapers and magazines as well as blogs and have greatly increased our visibility. Ria is a real “champion” for small business and really gives her clients more than their money's worth. I strongly recommend RPR Public Relations for anyone looking for a publicist.
  • Kristina Sieckowski, VP – Aircraft Management Group, Inc.

    We have worked with RPR Public Relations on several occasions and the service provided to Aircraft Management Group, Inc. by this PR firm far exceeded our high expectations. They are creative and knowledgeable about PR and marketing in today's online environment and the impact of SEO. They also have great industry contacts. Aircraft Management Group, Inc. continues to utilize RPR for our public relations work and we look forward to a long successful partnership together.
  • Christian Sinatra – CEO –

    Ria is a results driven professional and a pleasure to work with. She has a very high sense of urgency (which we love) and really digs up incredible opportunities for us. Could not recommend Ria and her team more highly.
  • Abby Armijo – Strategic Marketing Manager,

    RPR has consistently gone out of their way to help Boba Family succeed and I cannot express how wonderful they have been since the day we began working together. Not only has RPR gone above and beyond our expectations, but they made it a point to help guide us in the right direction, provide unique opportunities and ideas, and always made us feel like their top priority. No matter what time of day (or night!) I always felt that Ria was there to help with anything at all, and I would recommend her and RPR Public Relations to absolutely anyone looking for a professional and exceptional public relations firm.
  • Alex Fetanat, President,

    As the CEO of GemFind, I would highly recommend Ria Romano and her team at RPR Public Relations, Inc. – no other PR Agency comes close. They have been our company’s PR Agency for several years.
  • Scott Taylor, Founder –

    I have used Ria and her team for PR several times. She is always willing to talk on the phone, work back and forth with you, is honest and straight forward with exactly what she will do, and does her best to keep the bill at a minimum. Other firm's I've investigated talk about their "proprietary methods" which I interpret as they are billing extra for nothing special and your point of contact will be a lower level associate, whereas Ria's cell stored in my phone and she takes my calls even on nights and weekends.


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